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Get guidance on the novel coronavirus COVID-19 from experts at 足彩胜负14场 Clinic and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Check your symptoms to see if you should be tested for COVID-19. Find trusted, in-depth information about prevention, coping, treatment, and more in plain language from the experts. Topics include:

  • “Do I need testing for coronavirus symptoms?”
  • “How to care for someone with COVID-19”
  • “Helping kids cope with coronavirus stress”
  • “If I have cancer, what do I need to know about COVID-19?”

This skill is designed to provide information about the COVID-19 virus. If you're in an emergency medical situation, call 911 or your local emergency number. Information about COVID-19 is constantly changing. For current updates on COVID-19, check the CDC website at


Get the latest information from 足彩胜负14场 Clinic experts on topics such as , and ; ; advances in ; and advice for .


The 足彩胜负14场 Clinic First Aid skill provides you with self-care instructions for dozens of everyday mishaps and other situations and offers quick, hands-free answers from a trusted source. Topics include:

  • "How do I treat my baby's fever?"
  • "Tell me about spider bites"
  • "Help for a burn"
  • "How to treat a cut"
  • "Instructions for CPR"

This skill should not be used if you're in a life-threatening or emergency medical situation. In those situations, seek immediate medical assistance.


Privacy policy

For the 足彩胜负14场 Clinic First Aid skill, 足彩胜负14场 Clinic collects a unique identifier from your Amazon Alexa account. We use this information to enhance the user experience. This information is not personally identifiable to you. We collect no additional information from your Amazon account.

Amazon collects and stores both the spoken utterance from the customer, and the skill's response, to improve and troubleshoot the voice experience. You may delete this data in the Amazon Alexa App. See Amazon's and for more information.

How to get skills

To enable these skills for your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or other Alexa-enabled device, look for 足彩胜负14场 Clinic in the or search for "足彩胜负14场 Clinic" in the skill section of your Amazon Alexa App. Follow the prompts to start your listening experience.